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The presentations conducted at XXVI Brazilian Congress of Paleontology will be grouped as thematic sessions in categories that depart from the usual themes in which paleontologists are grouped and (almost not) interact, whether taxonomic, temporal or spatially determined. In Uberlandia the sessions will be organized according to principles, approaches and techniques common to research areas that, although apparently are far from the traditional categorizations, are much closer than they might seem:

The Thematic Sessions below will be distributed in the Georges Cuvier (3Q), Charles Darwin (5S), Humboldt (5RA) and Diana Mussa (5RB) Auditoriums, according to the number of abstracts sent in the respective themes and the capacity of each place. There will be up to four simultaneous oral sessions in the mornings and afternoons of October 22, 23 and 24 and three poster sessions, in the same themes, in the afternoons of October 22, 23 and 24. Check out our Shedule.

  • Session Form: Morphology and Descriptions
  • Session Time: Biostratigraphy and Ages
  • Session Scenarios: Paleoecology and Paleoenvironments
  • Session Patterns: Systematics and Biogeography
  • Session Record: Memory, Collections, and Geoconservation
  • Session Dialogues: Paleoart and Dissemination
  • Session Knowledge: Teaching 
  • Session Josué Camargo Mendes Prize

The thematic sessions, as well as the evaluation of abstracts and articles submitted by participants, will be coordinated by the following paleontologists:
Form: Morphology and Descriptions
Coordinators: Dra. Mírian Liza Forancelli Pacheco (UFSCAR), Dr. Rafael Delcourt (UNICAMP) and Dra. Paula Sucerquia (UFPE);

Time: Biostratigraphy and Age 
Coordinators: Dr. Rodolfo Dino (UERJ) and Dr. Vladimir de Araújo Távora (UFPA);

Scenarios: Paleoecology and Paleoambients
Coordinators: Dra. Cláudia Pinto Machado (UCS) and Dr. Marcelo de Araújo Carvalho (National Museum / UFRJ);

Standards: Systematics and Biogeography
Coordinators: Dr. Kleberson de Oliveira Porpino (UERN) and Dr. Édison Vicente Oliveira (UFPE);

Records: Memory, Collections and Geoconservation
Coordinators: Dra. Maria Somalia Sales Viana (UVA) and Dra. Deusana Machado (UNIRIO);

Dialogues: Paleoart and Dissemination
Coordinator: M.Sc. Caio César Rangel (UFU);

Knowledge: Teaching 
Coordinators: Dra. Carla Terezinha Serio Abranches (USP) and Dra. Maria Antonieta da Conceição Rodrigues (UERJ);

Session Josué Camargo Mendes Award  
Coordinators: Dr. Antônio Carlos Sequeira Fernandes (MN/UFRJ). Dr. Hermínio 
Ismael de Araújo Júnior (UERJ), Dra. Mariela Cordeiro de Castro (UFG) and Dra. Celine de Melo (UFU).