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Uberlandia is a road and highway hub

Mains highways:

BR-050 - For travelers from Brasilia, Goias, Uberaba, Sao Paulo (via SP-330 / Anhanguera), Rio de Janeiro and Souther Brazil;
BR-153/365 - Travelers from the North and Midwest Brazil;
BR-365 - Travelers from the Midwest and Northeast Brazil and from part of Minas Gerais region of Alto Paranaíba (Patos de Minas, Patrocínio) and northern portion of Pontal do Triângulo Mineiro (Monte Alegre, Ituiutaba);
BR-262/452 - Travelers from the Midwest BRazil and the Alto Paranaíba (Araxá), Metropolitan and Southern Minas Gerais;
BR-497 - Travelers from the central and southern portion of the Pontal do Triângulo Mineiro (Prata, Campina Verde, Iturama), western São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul.

Uberlandia Airport - Ten. Cel. Aviator Cesar Bombonato

In Uberlandia is the second largest passenger airport in the state of Minas Gerais, where the main airlines operate (LATAM, Gol, Gol/Cargas, Passaredo and Azul), with the capacity to receive executive flights and large aircraft to move passengers and cargo. Regular lines give direct access to Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Goiania, Brasilia, Recife, Porto Seguro, Ribeirão Preto and Campinas, and to all other airports in the country and the world through stopovers and connections. In 2015 the city gained three international routes: Lisbon (Portugal), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

The airport is equipped with an Instrument Landing System (ILS), which allows safe land regardless of weather conditions. 1.3 million passengers circulate annually through Uberlândia Airport.

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Uberlândia - Presidente Castelo Branco Bus Station

The Uberlândia Bus Station annually serves 1.2 million passengers from all over Brazil and offers several services, such as ATMs, left luggage, public services, lounges, parking and stores.

The bus station is adapted to receive users with special needs and
elderly, and thus has access ramps in the board and disembark areas. The terminal also offers a migrant service desk, as well as the Tourist Desk.

City Distance to Uberlândia (km) Flight duration (stops already counted)
Belém 2.324 From 4h55 (one connection)
Belo Horizonte 540 1h10, non-stop
Brasília 422 1h10, non-stop
Cuiabá 1.046 From 5h10 (one connection)
Curitiba 974 From 3h (one connection)
Florianópolis 1.260 From 3h (one connection)
Fortaleza 2.509 From 4h50 (one connection)
Maceió 2.128 From 4h45 (one connection)
Manaus 3.399 From5h10 (one connection)
Natal 2.269 From 5h25 (one connection)
Porto Alegre 1.700 From h25 (one connection)
Recife 2.341 2h55, non-stop
Rio Branco 3.010 From 5h35 (one connection)
Rio de Janeiro 988 From 2h50 (one connection)
Salvador 1.675 From 4h05 (one connection)
São Luis 2.347 From 4h55 (one connection)
São Paulo 589 1h10, non-stop 
Vitória 1.067 From 3h30 (one connection)