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Free Accommodation

The Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU) has a building located at 285, Duque de Caxias Street, at Uberlandia's downtown. This place is a pioneer space for  UFU, which once housed the Faculty of Law and the Rectory. Currently without major administrative functions, most of the rooms in this building are intended to support of students who come to Uberlândia to participate in UFU-based academic, sporting and scientific events, free of charge, thus forming the Duque de Caxias Lodge. For the participants of the XXVI Brazilian Congress of Paleontology were reserved 60 vacancies 45 vacancies*

There are several rooms that serve as dormitories and luggage storage. There are no beds, but there are 60 good quality foam mattresses available to guests (height: 14 cm; width: 78 cm; length: 188 cm; density 33). As there are other events scheduled to take place at the Federal University of Uberlândia that will receive participants in this accommodation before the XXVI Brazilian Paleontology Congress, the number of mattresses that will be available in October will be updated on the eve of the Congress.

The rooms are kept clean, and there are four bathrooms with one shower each (two for mens  and two to women). There is 24 hour surveillance.

If the number of interested parties is greater than the number of vacancies available for the Accommodation, the following priority criteria will be defined:

1o) Students with Social Inscription;
2o) Undergrad students;
3o) Graduate students.
Only XXVI CBP registered participants may apply for the Accommodation. Once you have completed your registration, please request the Accommodation  by sending an e-mail to [email protected] providing full name, ID, educational institution, arrivel time.

The first call for applications for the Duque de Caxias Accommodation will end at 11:59 pm on August 1, 2019, followed by a second call if there are still vacancies. A list of beneficiaries will be made available on this page

Hosting can be used only by properly registered participants in Congress, previously registered and non-resident in Uberlandia.



Inner courtyard and view of some toilets under the sunroom
Room used as lodging

Room used as a lodging or locker room

Room used as a lodging
Obs: There are more rooms equivalent to those shown above available for the guest.
*Unfortunately, University administrative issues have led to a reduction in the number of places initially available, but there will certainly be no further reductions for the 26th CBP.