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Scientific and Cultural Tours (fieldwork and technical visits to geological outcrops and paleontological sites) offered as pre- and post-congress activities (October 19th and 20th and October 26th and 27th)


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1. Uberaba, Land of Dinosaurs

Geology: Serra Geral Formation (intratrapian basalts and sandstones), Uberaba Formation and Ponte Alta and Serra da Galga members of the Marília Formation. Paleontology: vertebrates and ichnofossils. Learn more here .
Location: Uberaba.
Duration: Two days.
Dates: October 19th and 20th. Cost: $ 70.00 (student accomodation) or $ 120,00 (accomodation at hotel). Includes: lunch at the restaurant Estação Peirópolis (
self-serve with dessert. Drinks apart)
Organizer: Dr. Thiago Marinho (UFTM).

Marilia Formation, Serra da Galga Member.
Caieira or "Price Point 1", Peiropolis, Uberaba (left) and Km 153 of the highway BR-050. Uberaba (right).

2. Permian from Santa Rosa do Viterbo

Geology: Assistência Formation (mid-Permian).
Paleontology: Estromatolites e mesossaurs. To know more click here.
Local: Pedreira PH-7, Santa Rosa de Viterbo-SP.
Date: 19 and 20 October.
Cost: R$ 100,00. Includes: Hotel and luch at Santa Rosa do Viterbo town.
Organizer: to be confirmed


3. The Paraná Basin in the Triangulo Mineiro Region
Fieldwork canceled due to absence of participants.

Geology: Botucatu and Serra Geral Formations.
Paleontology: permineralized logs of the Botucatu Formation. Learn more here .
Location: IFTM Uberlândia campus surroundings.
Duration: One day.
Date: October 26th.

Cost: $ 80.00. Includes: Lunch at the restaurant Recanto das Águas (free self-service with dessert. Drinks apart).
Organizers: Lic. Ana Clara Santos Riff (IFTM),
Dra. Etiene Fabbrin Pires (UFT) and Dr. Heitor Sayeg (UFU).

Serra Geral Formation cutted by the Central Atlantic Railroad. IFTM, campus Uberlândia

4. Caves and Stromatolites of the Upper Paranaíba Valley

Geology: Vazante Group.
Paleontology: Stromatolites.
Location: Ronan Cave, Coromandel.
Duration: One day.
Date: October 26.
Cost: $ 70.00. Lunch included.
Organizer: Dra. Fernanda Quaglio (UNIFESP).


5. The Bauru Group in the Western Triangulo Mineiro 

Geology: Adamantine Formation and Echaporã Member of the Marilia Formation.
Paleontology: Vertebrates and ichnofossils. Location: Prata, Campina Verde and Gurinhatã.
Duration: Two days.
Date: October 26th and 27th. Cost: $ 80.00. Includes: Accommodation and dinner in Gurinhatã. Organizers:
Dr. Douglas Santos Riff (UFU), Dr. Octávio MAteus (New U. of Lisbon, Lourinha Museum) and Dr. Bernardo Gonzáles Riga (U. de Mendoza).


Adamantina Formation (Santonian-Campanian) at Prata (left) and Gurinhatã (right)

Echaporã Member of the Maríia Formation (Maastrichtian) at Campina Verde.

6. From the Proterozoic to the Quaternary of Sacramento and Araxa

Geology: Canastra Group, Araxá Group, Ibiá Group, Botucatu Formation.
Paleontology: Quaternary Megafauna of Barreiro. Learn more here.
Location: Sacramento and Araxá.
Duration: Two days.
Date: October 26th and 27th. Cost: R$ 120,00. Includes: Accommodation  in Araxá (Accomodantion to be defined. Lunch at Tauá Grande Hotel Termas de Araxá)
Organizers: Biologist Ana Clara Santos Riff (IFTM) and Dra. Dimila Mothé (UNIRIO).